T-Bone Racing Build Series

The TBR Build Series is an idea born from the desire to engage the RC community to make DREAM CARS a reality. We want to create a NEW DREAM BUILD every month and send it off to one lucky winner in the community! 

The TBR Build Series is a journey of taking a brand new out of the box RC and transform it into a dream ride that everyone can appreciate. We collaborate with the best brands in the industry to deliver a build worthy of RC greatness! 


TBR Build Series: June 2019 10-S Arrma Kraton

TBR Build Series: May / June 2019 002 Custom 10-S Arrma Kraton

Currently valued at just over $1,500!

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Entries Close 6/30/19

This is your chance to win this amazing Custom 10-S Kraton Build!


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